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Who We Are 

The family-run company Glance Home Services has been committed to supporting homes in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 15 years. We specialize in offering top-notch chimney cleaning and inspection, gas fireplace maintenance, inspection & solutions to ensure your home is cozy, secure, and energy-efficient.

Our Dedication to Your House 

We at Glance Home Services are steadfast in our commitment to your home. Since we recognize that a house is much more than just a building and is a place where priceless moments are exchanged, your family’s well-being is our first priority. This acknowledgment demonstrates even more our dedication to optimizing your home’s security, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Core Services: 

  • Make sure your chimney is secure and operating properly with a chimney inspection and sweep. 
  • Animal & Nest Removal: Removing intruders in an ethical manner. 
  • Improve the safety and efficiency of your house with dryer vent cleaning. 
  • Installing a cap and fixing chimneys: offering strong weather resistance.

Chimney Sweeping, Inspecting or Repair

We can guarantee the effectiveness and safety of your chimney. Contact us today to maintain the best possible condition for your fireplace for worry-free, toasty parties.

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Spread across the map, our services are accessible throughout the region, ensuring quality solutions are within reach wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A chimney sweep is a professional service designed to clean the inside of your chimney, removing soot, blockages, and built-up creosote to prevent chimney fires and improve air quality in your home. Regular chimney sweeping is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your fireplace or wood stove, ensuring that harmful gasses are properly vented outside and reducing the risk of fire hazards. It’s recommended to have your chimney swept at least once a year to keep your home safe and your heating system working efficiently. Contact us to schedule your chimney sweep and safeguard your home today.

  Cleaning a chimney is essential for maintaining fire safety and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

– First, assemble the required equipment and safety gear, such as a dust mask, extension rods, goggles, and a chimney brush.

– Cover furniture and floors in the vicinity of the fireplace to stop soot from spreading.

– The chimney brush should then be fastened to the extendable rod after climbing onto the roof.

– Lower the brush down the chimney and give it a thorough cleaning, paying special attention to any buildup of creosote, a result of burning wood that can cause a fire.

– After cleaning the chimney completely, clear out any debris that may have gotten into the fireplace using a brush or vacuum.

– Lastly, look for any evidence of wear and tear or damage to the chimney, such as loose bricks or cracks, and quickly make any necessary repairs.

The purpose of chimney cleaning logs, sometimes referred to as creosote sweeping logs, is to remove creosote accumulation in chimneys. The chemicals in these logs react with the creosote to make it brittle and flake off, making removal easier. Although using chimney cleaning logs can help lessen the accumulation of creosote, they cannot replace expert chimney cleaning. It is advised to utilize chimney cleaning logs in addition to routine chimney cleanings and inspections by a licensed chimney sweeper for optimal results. 

The kind of fuel used, how often it is used, and the kind of chimney all affect how often a chimney needs to be cleaned. Generally speaking, you should have your chimney cleaned and inspected no less than once a year. However, you might need to clear your chimney more frequently if you burn a lot of softwoods or unseasoned wood, use your wood stove or fireplace frequently, or both. In a similar vein, it’s critical to have your chimney cleaned as soon as possible to avoid chimney fires and other safety risks if you detect any indications of creosote accumulation, such as a strong stench or black residue on the chimney walls. All things considered, keeping your fireplace or wood-burning appliance safe and operating smoothly requires routine chimney cleaning and maintenance.

Similar to cleaning other kinds of chimneys, cleaning a wood burner chimney involves extra care to guarantee complete removal of creosote accumulation. Here’s a detailed how-to:

– Get the required equipment and safety gear first, such as a dust mask, extension rods, goggles, and a chimney brush.

– To stop soot from spreading, prepare the space around the wood stove by covering the floors and furniture.

– The chimney brush should then be fastened to the extendable rod after climbing onto the roof.

– Lower the brush down the chimney and give it a thorough scrub, giving particular attention to curves and elbows and other places where creosote buildup is prone to happen.

– After you’ve finished cleaning the chimney completely, clear out any material that may have gotten into the wood stove with a brush or vacuum.

Finally, to guarantee the continuous safety and effectiveness of your wood stove, check the chimney for any indications of damage or wear and tear. Then, quickly make any required repairs.

Depending on the size, condition, and amount of soot and creosote buildup in the chimney, a sweeping session may take a different amount of time. An extensive chimney sweep should take 45 to an hour on average. But the procedure can take longer if other problems, such obstructions, structural issues, or the need for repairs, are found during the examination. The health of your chimney and your safety are our top priorities, and our staff guarantees a thorough and effective service. Make an appointment with us to maintain your chimney in top shape and schedule a sweep.

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